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And if this Year was the Best of your Life?

February 22 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

And if this year was the best of your life? And if at the end of this year, you would be able to declare: wow, I’m really proud of myself, I achieved my goals, I realized what I wanted the most? Wouldn’t it be an extraordinary feeling, an unequaled sensation of accomplishment?

In personal or professional development, a key concept is to set goals, objectives, and then to achieve them. But it is much easier to say than to do. Because our old habits too often have the top, and finally, one realizes only a fraction of what one wished to do. Success may be there, but it is mixed, it is much less than it could have been.

The concept behind this workshop is to become really smart in the preparation of one’s future successes. Because if you prepare well, the probability of real success is much greater.

So, how are we going to proceed? We will first look at how to identify the successes we want to accomplish. For that, it is necessary to aim rightly, because it is essential to invest one’s time, one’s energies, in what we really want to accomplish. We must make choices that will really improve our lives, personally and/or professionally. Our choices should contribute to our personal balance, to our quality of life. And if possible, we should do so while following our passions, because motivation then becomes almost automatic, and life without following our passions is obviously less satisfactory.

Moreover, we must be both ambitious and realistic in setting our objectives: ambitious, so that the goal is a real challenge, but also realistic, to avoid disappointment. Let’s take as an example learning a new language, and giving oneself a year to do it. In a year, we can certainly speak fluently most new languages, such as Spanish or Portuguese, fairly close to French, or English, which is not too complex to learn. But will we master perfectly this new language in one year? Probably not. However, we can reach a very good level, if we proceed in the right manner.

The areas in which you can apply a process of change, of transformation, of success, are varied, and are clearly not limited to language learning. Here are some examples: developing a new business for complementary income; improving one’s personal finances; proceeding with a career change, getting back in shape and training, starting a new sport or hobby, losing weight and eating a healthier diet, developing new friendships, getting involved in a cause, volunteering and making a positive contribution to society. In general, the principles to succeed are the same, regardless of the area.

The way we go about achieving our goals, and achieving our successes, is essential. It is necessary to develop an approach towards these, throughout the year. This is the second part that we will address together at the workshop, with the development of personalized mechanisms, which will allow you to progress, day after day, week after week, month after month, towards your goals. It may seem somewhat arid at first glance, but it will be developed in such a way that the process in which you engage will be most interesting, and if possible also enjoyable. Both the successes we want to accomplish, and the process to achieve them, are indeed essential.

In short, the workshop will allow you to become familiar with how to prepare for your future successes. The workshop features the presentation of theoretical aspects, as well as individual and group exercises, all to take place in a good spirit and in a positive atmosphere of mutual help between participants.

The workshop is facilitated by Jean-Pierre Kiekens, author, speaker, who is trained by Jack Canfield for conducting workshops on the principles of success, as part of a course in human potential training he followed in the United States. According to Jean-Pierre, success is mostly measured by our ability to lead the life we desire, to achieve the goals we set ourselves, and to be an example to our children, to our friends, to our fellow citizens.

Jean-Pierre is an engineer and economist by training, and has been a university lecturer for several years. He also holds the highest distinction in communications and leadership from Toastmasters International. He is a graduate of the Universities of Brussels and Oxford. Jean-Pierre has many passions, including sustainable food, healthy living and sustainable development. He is the father of two children. One of his hobbies is competitive sailing. Originally from Belgium, he has been in Canada for some twenty years.

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February 22
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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