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Welcome to Digital Nomadism – a Talk by Loan Laux

February 1 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

There is a growing trend among entrepreneurs, professionals – it’s digital nomadism. Now what is it all about? How can you embrace this new, unconventional, lifestyle? How to remain motivated? How to be successful? Where to go? These are some of the themes that will be covered by Loan Laux, a digital entrepreneur and nomad, who is regularly in Montreal, but also in Paris, Toronto and other locations. The event itself will be digital, as Loan will be presenting this TALK from wherever location he will be on the day of the talk.  Participants in the event, at Café Imagine, will be able to engage in the discussion from the Café. We will also ask Loan to answer questions asked online. We will provide details about how to access the event on our Facebook page a day before the event. If you are interested, or just curious, about the unconventional lifestyle of digital nomadism, don’t miss this Talk!

In bullet points form, here are topics what will be covered:

– The Digital Nomad Way of Life

– Roots of the lifestyle, and Influencers

– Mainstreamization (companies promoting nomad work)

– My own experience with the unconventional lifestyle of digital nomadism

– Moving whenever the hell I want

– Clients everywhere (getting to see when I’m close or if needed)

– Digital Nomadism: Montreal, Toronto or Paris ? (more the travel guide approach)

– But there are other cities (less developed = saving money = more interesting)

– Self-Motivation for Digital Nomadism

– Routine boredom

– Need for freedom

– Mixing business with pleasure

– Business Development as a Digital Nomad

– The importance of Meetups

– Never be shy

– Tech tips to be easily reachable (onOff, Sonetel…)

About Loan Laux (based on a profile done with him recently at Café Imagine)

I am passionate about coding since I was 12. I learned by my own, learning C and PHP. It has always been pretty obvious for me to pursue this hobby, and ultimately making it my profession.

Today, I develop apps and websites using Javascript for a variety of clients, including startups and small businesses.  I love it because it requires both human soft skills and a serious development knowledge. I am always learning, always improving, which is the reason I wouldn’t chose doing anything else.

I am a nomad: a nomad worker and a nomad student. I visited a number of countries, such as the Netherlands, the UK, Portugal and Switzerland. Right now, I am in Montreal, and my next destinations, this summer, are Toronto, Chicago, New York and Philadelphia.

Paris is my home, and I am still attending school there on a part time basis, where I learn project management.

I love visiting new countries, new cities.  From city to city, I go from study cafés to co-working spaces. This works well for me because I love frequently changing work environments.


Note: The conference itself is free, yet there is 10$  charge to cover food and drinks available at will at the event.


Café Imagine + Coworking
16 Rue Rachel Est, Montréal, QC H2W 1C5
Montréal, H2W 1C5 CA
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